Any American made steel production body, passenger car (1960-2000). No Camaros, No sub-compacts such as Vega, Pinto, etc. Full size trucks only. All doors must be bolted or welded shut. No chopping, shortening or cutting on body allowed, except for tire clearance only. May remove front inner fenders. Rear wheel tubs and trunk may be removed (remove old gas tank). Sheet metal for sides to replace damaged doors or quarters may be aluminum. Trunk, roof and hood must be steel. All glass, chrome and interior trim must be removed. Windshield is mandatory - Lexan recommended. Window net on driver's door is mandatory. No mirrors allowed. Wheel base must be 108 "-110". 105" wheel base is allowed, but 200 lbs must be added to car. 1" rub rail allowed - 1" square with carriage bolts only; both ends must be ground down flat. Front fire wall will be stock in stock location.


Must be full frame. Uni-body may be used but must be tied together with 2"x3" minimum tubing. Must have a lifting hook securely attached to frame at both the front and rear of vehicle - must be easily accessible by tow truck operator.


Must weigh 3450 lbs. Added weight may be placed at track officials discretion. Max of 55.0% left and 50.0% rear.


May be tube, welded to frame, and covered with aftermarket stock replacement nose piece.


Bracing bars may extend forward or rearward through firewalls for safety purposes only and welded to back of bumpers and frame. Interior must be gutted completely. Front and rear firewalls must be completely covered with sheet metal. Approved racing seat only - with appropriate tubular framing and securely mounted to roll cage; must be mounted in stock location - 3" in front of rear door opening. Must have standard firewall and floor board .Tunneling or boxing of interior ok. Must have 4-point design roll cage, 1 1/2" O.D. minimum, mill steel. Door plate and foot plate mandatory - 10"x30"x1/8". Three drivers door protection bars mandatory (2 bars on passenger side door).


V-8 only. Must be stock appearing. No roller parts of any kind in engine. Motor mounts must be in stock location. Flat top or dish pistons only. Pistons not to exceed block deck height. Max cam lift .300 and 1.5 ratio rockers total .450 lift and be hydraulic cam and lifters only. Cast iron intake, heads and blocks. (No corvette or marine high rise intakes..) GM to GM, Ford to Ford only. No Vortec heads. Stock battery ignition only. No dual point distributors. No magnetos. No electric fuel pumps. No frame cut out to clear fuel pump. No electric fans. Compression will not exceed 155 lbs with wide open throttle. Maximum cubic inch for engine is 365. Starter RPM will exceed 140 during cranking for any engine tests. IE. compression,cubic inch. Dart Heads SS-165  72cc -2.02"/1.60"  Bare Part number 10021010 Assembled # 10021111 is allowed in this class.


1 11/16” #4412 Holley 2bbl only - 2 or 4 bbl cast iron intake, no high rise, 1” adapter allowed. Rochester/Quadrajet 4 bbl carb allowed.


Must have four wheel brakes. No rear disc brakes allowed. No double master cylinders allowed.

Rear Ends:Stock rear ends only - locked or unlocked allowed. No Ford 9" rear ends. No 3 links.


Automatic transmission of production type (must have no smaller than 12" diameter torque converter). No standard transmission. Transmission must have one forward and reverse in working order. No buttons or direct drive. No 2 speed Power glides. Transmission shall engage no higher than 1200 RPM.

Wheels & Tires

Steel wheels only - 8" maximum. Racing-type wheels allowed. All wheels must be reinforced. 1" Hex lug nuts are mandatory. Tires must be passenger car type, 15" rims maximum width 55 series DOT tires only. No mud grips, snow tires.


All suspension and steering components must remain stock for that vehicle. No shortening or lengthening of A-arms. Stock mounts in stock locations - one shock per wheel only. No screw jacks allowed. No adjustable spring cups. Must have 5" ride height. No adjustability in springs or suspension.

Fire Extinguisher

2 1/2 lb dry chemical fire extinguisher mandatory - with gauge, charged, and located within easy reach of driver, securely mounted (no tape).

Fuel Cell

Mandatory. Must be properly mounted in trunk area.

Seat Belts

Aftermarket 5-point seat belt mandatory - must be secured to roll cage.

Drive Shaft

Must have loop - must be constructed of at least 1/4"x2" steel and should be mounted no more than 6" back from front of drive shaft. 1/4" chain, or larger, can be used in place of steel strap. Drive shaft must be painted white or a florescent color.

Battery Location

Location is optional. If mounted in drivers compartment, it must be enclosed and securely mounted in marine-type battery box.


Mandatory - must be 85 snell or better.

Racing suit



Stock cast iron manifolds no center dumps of any kind. Exaust will be no larger than 2 1/4 OD pipe and it must collect into one single pipe before the end of the transmission. From there it will be 36" of 1 3/4" od single pipe.

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