V-8 only.  Must be stock appearing.  No roller parts of any kind in engine.  Motor mounts may be steel.  Flat top or dish pistons only. Pistons not to exceed block deck height. Max cam lift .300 and 1.5 ratio rockers total .450 lift and be hydraulic cam and lifters only. Cast iron intake, heads and blocks.  (No corvette or marine high rise intakes..)  GM to GM, Ford to Ford only.  No Vortec heads. Stock battery ignition only.  No dual point distributors.  No magnetos.  No electric fuel pumps.  No frame cut out to clear fuel pump.  No electric fans.  Compression will not exceed 155 lbs with wide open throttle.  Maximum cubic inch for engine is 365. Starter RPM will exceed 140 during cranking for any engine tests. IE. compression,cubic inch.


1 11/16” #4412 Holley 2bbl - 2 or 4 bbl cast iron intake, no high rise, 1” adapter allowed with the 4412 on the edelbrock 2101 intake.  Rochester/Quadrajet 4 bbl carb allowed.

Headers will exit on each side of car no crossover or 180 degree of any kind

The intention of this class is to give young drivers a fully adjustable car without having huge horsepower. It is also a place for racers to have a division to run any outdated chassis that may not otherwise have a class to run in.


1960 and newer factory production frames or camero tubular replacement. Minimum of 108" wheelbase. Front sub may be tubular but must have stock oem mounting positions on all lower control arms. Frame may not be narrowed or widened. Front cross member may be notched for radiator or steering clearance. Front suspension must be OEM style, No splined sway bar, No aluminum or fiberglass suspension parts. OEM steering box, No racks, stock oem spindles Tube type uppers allowed and may be relocated. Tube type lowers not allowed. Coilovers allowed in rear only must be 4.5” minimum diameter. Minimum 108” wheelbase both sides. Maximum tread width 78 inches bead of rim to bead of rim. Rear flange of engine may be no closer than 72" from centerline of rear axle

Roll Cage

Must consist of 1.66 outside .095 wall tubing. Must be frame mounted in minimum of 6 points. Minimum of 1 cross bar across top of halo. Foot protection is mandatory. Main cage cannot be further forward than motor plate. Must have at least 3 driver’s side door bars made of 1.5 inch .95 wall tubing with 1/8 steel plate. Front bumper must be 2 bars mounted frame rail to frame rail parallel to ground. Must be 1.25 OD tubing. Rear bumper must be 1.25 OD tubing or .250 flat stock. It must protect fuel cell and must wrap around back to frame on both sides to prevent penetration into other vehicles. Rear bumper no more than 2” wider than body on each end. Rear bumper, nerf bars and bodies must not extend beyond the rear tires. Height 18” both front and rear bumpers + or- 2”.


Not allowed.

Rear Axle

Any automotive rear end may be used.  No aluminum except for center section. Must have steel tubes.


No aluminum components except for rear end center section. Three link rear suspension only if using four link must have birdcages pinned together


Must be fully functioning 350 turbo automatic with minimum of 9inch torque convertor. Stock 3 speed manual with oem stock steel single disk clutch &pressure plate.


Cars must weigh 2400 AFTER FEATURE. Left side 60.0% max.

8-inch max; Steel ONLY. The tires you qualify on are the tires you must start the feature on and may only purchase one tire per week.


There will be no spoilers allowed.


Must be steel bodied and afco, pro type inexpensive shock. IE. no penske integra type shocks. $125 max cost per shock new retail.


There may be full front windshields, and side and rear may remain open

Any parts deemed illegal are subject to confiscation.

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