Payout as Follows:


1st= $100

2nd= $80

3rd= $60

Start= $40


Cars will have a minimum wheelbase of 101".  Due to safety reasons we will no longer allow the compact type cars such as Omni's, Mustangs etc.

Engines, Transmission, Exhaust

No racing transmissions or engine. STOCK stuff ONLY. Exhaust systems are derby rules and must NOT point directly at the track surface.

Roll Cages

Roll cages are required. Minimum of three-point mount as to provide driver door and roll-over protection.  (This means a bar over your head and down door.) Cages are to be made out of 1 3/4" pipe with wall thickness of .090".  Driver’s door must have three bars mounted horizontally - these bars are to be connected with the piece of plate steel as to integrate together.  No exhaust pipe cages.  Welds must past inspection.  Full piece fire suit & neck roll are required!

Fuel Cells

Fuel cells required.  Stock gas tanks placed in the back seat and covered will not be allowed.  Use of plastic boat tanks placed in a steel closet with a collapsible and latching lid that is securely mounted will be permitted.  Washtubs or insulation etc. coverings will not pass.  Tanks will be located in the trunk area and as far forward to the rear firewall as possible.  Your car must have a complete trunk floor and rear firewall. (Shutoff switch required if you have an electric fuel pump.)


Batteries will be located in the driver compartment behind the driver in an approved battery box that is securely mounted.


All doors will be welded or chained shut.


Windshields are not required; however, you must have some form of driver protection in place in no less than one-half of the windshield area (dirt-style track bars etc.)

Driveshaft Hoop

A driveshaft hoop must be in place.


Cars must have four-wheel working brakes.


Bumpers are required front and rear and securely mounted.  No brush guards or home-made pipe bumpers.  Stock bumpers only.

Wheels & Tires

Racing rims are allowed.  One inch lug nuts required. Tires must be street legal and no wider than 8" wide on the ground with the weight of the car. No aggressive truck tires or snow tires.


All trim inside and out must be removed.  Plastic grills, headlight bezels, taillights, sidelights etc. All glass must be removed except the windshield.


If your car has glass, excessive dirt, old clothing, dead cats, or anything else that does not belong on the race track with you, get it out.  Door panels will be checked for glass.

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