Clothing and Safety

Driver must wear long sleeve shirt fire suit is recommended highly, neck collar recommended, seat belt, racing approved helmet, and eye protection madatory. Safety harnesses are recommended, but not mandatory. Seat belts cannot be attached to doors. No passengers allowed in race vehicles. Working fire extinguisher should be securely mounted in the car.

Sign & Car Number

12” x 12” sign with your car number painted on each side of the sign must be placed upright in the center of the roof of the car.

Drivers Meeting

Drivers must attend the driver’s meeting held approximately one-half hour before race time. Any driver/pit crew not obeying rules or displaying unsportsmanlike conduct will be disqualified.

Pit Requirements

All injuries must be reported before leaving the pit area. Absolutely no alcohol allowed in pits during the event. All other pit requirements of the Onaway Speedway remain in effect.

Car Requirements

If the original stock gas tank is factory located completely in front of the rear axle, it can remain and be used in this position. Stock gas tank must be removed if it is above or behind rear axle. We suggest extra straps on a stock gas tank. If using auxiliary tank, it must be placed on floor pan behind front seat in the middle of the car and made of steel or neoprene construction. Absolutely no 1- to 5-gallon carrying gas cans allowed for auxiliary tank. Fire shield must be placed over tank. All fuel lines must be of a safe and secure manner, no exceptions. If you are using the original tank with electric fuel pump in tank, it must have a clearly marked shut-off in reach of the driver for shut-off purposes. Stock ignition switch is considered shut-off switch. Any leakage of fuel will lead to immediate disqualification. All fuel or transmission lines can pass through the driver compartment but must be steel.

All glass, mirrors, chrome moldings, antenna, door handles, gas lid door, and any loose objects must be removed. Lexan windshield is permitted. No protruding front or rear frame horns. Ends must be rounded or flattened. Battery must be securely fastened and covered.


All chassis and suspension components must be stock OEM for make and model of car. One shock per wheel in stock location. Strut supports okay. Cable or seat belt material to limit travel of springs okay. Excessive holes in firewall and front floor pan must be covered.

Roll Cages

A 4-point roll cage is recommended, but not required. Roll cage must be in car and above driver’s head. No bars through fire wall. Roll cage is for driver’s protection only. If no roll cage, you must have at least two vertical posts made of 2” pipe or 2” x 2” square 1/8” tubing—one behind driver’s seat and one behind passenger’s seat from floor to roof with minimum 6” x 6” plate on each end bolted and welded to floor and ceiling.

Driver’s door protection is mandatory. You may use 1/8” plate, pipe, square tubing or grader blade not to extend 3” past break of door. Edges must be rounded. You may run one piece of 2” max square tubing or pipe down passenger doors not to exceed 3” past break of doors, front and back.


Radiator must remain in stock position. Water only, no antifreeze. Radiator protection is optional. One horizontal piece of pipe placed in front of radiator supported by two vertical pieces of pipe coming off frame with a support pipe not exceeding 18” back from horizontal pipe. All pipe must be 2” or less in diameter and must be behind front bumper in grill area not to exceed beyond the width of frame rails.

Window Nets

Window net is required. Either mesh type stock car window net with a quick release device or plastic snow fencing fastened with zip ties. We must be able to cut if necessary.


Any stock automotive bumper is allowed which may be welded 6” back on frame or uni-body to secure. It is recommended that rubber bumper skins be removed. If they come off during the race, you may be disqualified. Bumper ends must be rounded or capped.


Hood must stay on car at all times. One 6” hole cut in hood and trunk is required for inspection purposes. Doors and trunk must be welded, wired, chained, or banded shut.

Tires and Brakes

Car must have working brakes. Tires must be DOT approved not to exceed 8-ply. Tire grooving allowed. Tubes okay. Wheel weights must be removed.

Air Bags & Catalytic Converters

All air bags and catalytic converters must be removed.


Exhaust pipes must exit down or straight up through hood 12” maximum. No tall pipes.

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