We have opened the rules in this division for the 2016 Season to increase the car count. Contact Mike @ 231-818-3320 for clarification of rules.

This is not a "bump & run" class, demolition derby or "enduro". This class is meant to get racers into racing and it will be run as all other classes are run at this race track. It is the hope of Onaway Speedway that this will grow into a class with good consistent racer turnout week after week while putting on a great competitive show!

Minimum age for this class is 11 years old. Parents or guardians of those under 18 must sign a waiver/release for the minor and bring their birth certificate. The track owner has the final say in determining if he feels the participant is ready to try racing.


  • All 4 cylinders front and rear wheel drive. 
  • 6 Cylinder front and rear wheel-automatic 
  • 6 cylinder 1/2 ton pickup trucks acceptable

  • No convertibles or two seat coupes

     ALL glass must be removed (interior & exterior). Windshields are mandatory (safety glass) or dirt track style down bars. No rear view mirrors. All exterior trim must be removed. All flammable material, excluding dashboard, must be removed. Racing seat is mandatory. Aftermarket 5-point seat belt required - must be secured to the roll cage. Doors must be welded shut. Hood and trunk must be secured with hood pins for easy access. OEM latches must be removed/disabled. All holes in floor pan and firewall must be covered. Fenders may be trimmed (not excessively) to remove rust. Front fenders may be cut out. Stock appearing bumpers required and may be welded in place. Bumper ends must be capped to prevent hooking of bumpers. Spoilers/non-functional hood scoops are allowed.



Stock tires and wheel offset only. Same size tires on all 4 wheels of car; maximum 7” wide rims. 16” tires may run - max 7 ½” rims. One inch lug nuts required and all weights removed.


Catalytic converter may be removed. Maximum 100Db at 100 feet. Any good muffler is allowed, but if muffler falls off, car will be black-flagged. Exhaust pipe 2' O.D. maximum.

Steering & Suspension

Stock only - no modifications; camber adjustments allowed on front wheels and quick release wheel allowed too. 4'' Spoiler allowed no wider than width of the car and made of a clear material. 

Cooling System

Any stock radiator allowed - must fit in stock brackets. 180-degree fan shroud required. An overflow container mounted in engine compartment is required. No antifreeze, only water in radiator.

Fuel Cell

Fuel cell may remain in stock position if in front of the rear axle. All other cars must use a cell type fuel tank mounted to the trunk floor with a minimum of two 1" x 1/16" straps in each direction, bolted through the floor using doubler plates or installed in a safely constructed manner between the frame rails. Tanks must be sealed off from driver's compartment by metal plate. No bottom draw tanks allowed. Maximum size of after market tank is 8 gallons. Cars equipped with electric fuel pumps must install a toggle type switch, clearly marked in a bright contrasting color at the base of the drivers "A" pillar. Oil pressure switch for fuel pump mandatory - shut off or mercury switch. No fuel lines running through the drivers compartment.

Roll Bars/Cage

Minimum 4-pt roll cage is mandatory (full cage is recommended), constructed of at least 1.5" O.D., .095" side wall roll bar steel tubing. No exhaust pipe tubing or water pipe. It is mandatory that the roll cage be welded or bolted to 1/8" thick, 6"x6" steel plate and bolted to floor pan using doubler plate under floor pan. Drivers door must have at least 3 roll bar-type bars welded to roll cage and covered with a minimum 18" x 24" x 1/8" thick steel plate. Mandatory foot plates must be 10" x 30" x 1/8" thick steel. No offset cages. All roll cages must pass inspection.

Window Nets

Window nets, with quick release mechanism: required on driver’s window.


Fire retardant racing suit (1-piece or 2-piece) is mandatory. Helmet support (neck brace) is mandatory. Fire retardant gloves and shoes are strongly recommended.


Mandatory - 85 snell or better.

Fire Extinguishers

Mandatory - a charged 2-pound minimum ABC or BC rated steel fire extinguisher with gauge must be mounted in a quick release bracket within reach of the driver.

Engine & Carburetor

No turbo or super charged engines. No Rotary engines. No multi carburetors.

  • Carburetors - must be for year and make of vehicle and stock.
  • Fuel injection - must be for year and make of vehicle.
  • Throttle body/multi-port fuel injection carburetor - must be for year and make of vehicle.
  • No adaptor plate allowed under carburetor.


All added weight must be bolted in passenger seat spot; 

  • Ford Mustang 2400 lbs & Ford trucks - 2300 lbs - track officials may add 100 lbs to equal out class
  • Front wheel drive 2000cc and over - 2500 lbs
  • Front wheel drive under 2000cc - 2200 lbs
  • Rear wheel drive - 2300 lbs (under 2.5 liter)
  • Rear Wheel drive - 2.5 liter (200 lbs added)

  • 6 cylinder (front and rear wheel drive including 1/2 ton pickups ) - 2650 lbs

***Track official has final say for weight minimums to make this class competitive***


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