Driver Profiles

Driver Name
Braden DuBois
Afton, MI
Car Number
Four Cylinder
My Family
Mom Krista, Dad Jim, Maddox and Zayla
Car Owner
Racing Team
My Website
The Stop Shop Indian River----Jerry Edgerton
My Favorite Racing Memory
I was very proud of my first win then my first feature win. I enjoy my Saturday's at the track!
My Biggest Accomplishment In Racing
I broke the world record at 9 yrs old for the World's Youngest Stock Car Driver.
Driver I Respect Most
My Racing Goals
I have many goals and have accomplished many goals in racing. I started being lapped by everyone to being able to win ---that was in my front wheel drive. I am now moving onto a rear wheel drive car to increase my driving ability and I know that will be challenging.
Special Thanks
Special thanks goes out to my Dad if it wasn't for him I would not be racing. I also want to thank my sponsors who believe in me. The guys at the track and all the pointers they give me.

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